Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 2017 Link-o-rant

I'd like to get back to blogging about my progress in terms of learning and practice - and I will soon. But before that I'd just like to re-visit a few links.

A Gathering Storm
You see a few years ago, I sensed that things in Europe were starting to change for the worse. The initial signs of the polarisation grew faster than I expected and at the same time a migration was underway from blogging to more interactive social media.

Initially I thought that this was a natural migration, similar to bulletin boards to email lists to message boards to blogs to twitter and Facebook. But then I started to see that Facebook in particular had a risk of railroading people's development. The thing I loved about blogs was how they made me look at things from different angles, especially when that made me leave my comfort zone.

The other thing that social media such as Facebook reduced was time to contemplate and perhaps even say sorry. Early on I already saw the occult community as a disparate group of individuals who happened to share some overlapping interests. Unfortunately FB has reinforced some of those divisions and there are few people I would nominate as ambassadors for the occult community.

Moving Forwards
So despite the writing being on the wall for awhile that things need to improve, we can each take small steps to continue progressing.

Start by following your passion. If you've lost your passion - perhaps think about why magic is now (and has always been) a necessary tool for survival? Make time for magic, carve it out from your day as a special time that almost nothing can intrude upon.

Sometimes you'll fail, I certainly do a lot of the time. It's understandable that not everyone can maintain a blog long term for a number of reasons.

But you need to persevere and keep putting in the effort because in the long run you will have grown in ways you could never have foreseen. Enduring on your path is at time a victory in itself.

Whilst theatre, literature, and even gaming are all beneficial in keeping ones momentum going....The bottom line is that we just need to keep doing the work! And sometimes even blog about it...

Who knows, we may help someone else on their magical journey by sharing a few hard earned lessons from our colourful pasts.