Friday, 24 February 2017

Weaving and Flower Beds

Today I finally had some time to practice meditating on the 231 gates. It's detailed in chapter 2 of Sefer Yetsirah. I use Abulafia's head movement for each letter and used the initial vowel of each letter. For example: Ah for Aleph, Beh for Bet, Gi for Gimmel, etc. It took just over an hour and that was rushing it a bit.

231 Gates

The curious thing is that during the latter part of the meditation, it felt like the letters were being woven together. In Sefer Yetsirah is states in Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's version in Chapter 1 Verse 11:

"...He engraved them like a sort of garden
He carved them like a sort of wall
He covered them like a sort of ceiling..."
I have learned from one of my teachers that the garden is like a flower bed. The ceiling can be like a thatched roof - woven together. Another meditation I do feels very much like arranging the letters in a flower bed. I wonder what meditative technique builds the walls...?