Monday, 20 February 2017

Small movements in Time

Blogos' posts on Time have made me take another look at the way Time is written about in Sefer Yetzira. Whilst my focus of practice has until now has been mostly about Space, it's time I started looking deeper in to my relatiosnhip and interactions with Time.

RSA ANIMATE: The Secret Powers of Time
Before I dive in to the deeper part of the post, I just want to point this informative little video about how we relate to time most often.

Getting Textual

In  Abraham Abluafia's Ozter Eden Ganuz (Secret Treasury of Eden) at this link (page 14) it states:

"...And know that the body of a person is created with 10 Sefirot and so is the Year and so is the World and they are 30 Sefirot, and on this we received to write the Name with 3 Yud (letters) and call His Name EL to show that He blesses one with all..." (My poor translation of the above opening sentence).

So what is this Year and World that Abulafia speaks about? Well this is explained by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz in his "Thirteen Petalled Rose" pp.3 writes:
"...These four worlds have been called, in order from highest to the lowest,  "emenation," "creation," "formatioim," and "action". Thus, the world directly above ours is formation. To understand the difference, one must first understand certain factos common to all four worlds. These factors were traditionally known as "world," "year," and "soul"; nowadays we would call them "space," "time," and "self" (experience of one's being)..."

Rabbi Steinsaltz then goes on to talk more about the differences within the four "worlds" (realities) and how time, space, and self differ in each.

Now that we understand that "Time" is a property of the four "worlds", we can understand the references in Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's commentary and translation of Sefer Yetsira (Book of Formation) in 3:3, 4:6, and 5:3.

In chapter 3 verse 3 (3:3) he writes:
"Three Mothers: Alef, Mem, Shin
He engraved them, He carved them,
He permuted them, He weighed them,
He transformed them
And with them He deipcted
Three Mothers AMSh in the Universe,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Year,
Three Mothers AMSh in the Soul,
male and female"

In chapter 4 verse 6 (4:6) he writes:
"Seven Doubles: BGD KPRT of Foundation
He engraved them, He carved them,
He permuted them, He weighed them,
He transformed them,
And with the He formed
Seven planets in the Universe,
Seven days in the Year,
Seven gates in the Soul,
male and female"

In Chapter 5 verse 3 (5:3) he writes:
"Twelve elementals
Their foundation is [that]
He engraved them, carved them, permuted them,
weighed them, and transformed them,
And with them He formed
twelve constellations in the Universe
twelve months in the Year
and twelve directors in the Soul,
male and female"

Of course, as Rabbi Kaplan writes in his Introduction to Sefer Yetsira the book can be read in the imperative. So instead of stating "He carved,..." it should be read as "You should carve..."

These three verses encapsulate a lot of what chapters 3, 4, and 5 are about. The 3 Mother letters in chapter 3. The 7 double letters in chapter 4 and the 12 elemental (or simple) letters in chapter 5.

By engraving the meaning of the letters, carving away all other thoughts, permutating the letters with the other letters of the aleph-bet, "weighing" them (putting them next to each of the other letters in turm is how I do this), and transforming them (replacing with numerical equivalents) - we can align ourselves with the forces that are channeled through the letters.

Three Mothers in the Year (time). Seven days in the Year (time). Twelve months in the Year (time). Once we are aligned with the Divine flow that forms the framework of Time - we should, in theory, be able to affect time that is different to the way that was described in the RSA video at the beginning of this blog post.

My initial plan is to start with something that I consider to be relatively simple. I'll find a verse in the Torah related to time, then engrave, carve, etc letters and see if I can "dream tomorrow" during the night to predict (experience in advance of my current perception of linear time) what the events of the next day will bring.